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Robert Rotoloni,, to join. Please email for other payment options.

US/Canada: $40 USD for 1 YR or $100 USD for 3 YRS
Other: $50 USD for 1 YR or $130 USD for 3 YRS
Outside the USA, payment must be an international money order, in US dollars.
Payments must be made to: RJR Publishing Inc.

What is included with your membership to the NHS?
Your membership in the Nikon Historical Society includes the NIKON Journal  published four times a year. It is the most important source of information for the serious Nikon collector. Articles are contributed by NHS members. Topics include descriptions and photos of the cameras, interviews with the designers, and news about collecting. There is a free classified ad section, and letters to the editor.

The NIKON Journal is printed on coated stock, so the illustrations are of very high quality. There is simply no other reference like it in the world! Our editor covers every detail of the Nikon system, using articles submitted by NHS members.

Sample page from the Journal

While the focus of the NIKON JOURNAL is on collecting classic Nikon rangefinder and early "F" cameras, there are articles on camara repair, and experiences by users. More and more "collectors" are using their Nikon rangefinders as they return to film.

Of particular interest are interviews with the designers of these early cameras, many of whom are still quite involved in the collecting or photo societies in Japan. The Society has a long relationship with the Nikon factory in Japan.

The Journal maintains indispensable data, such as lists of all known black paint Nikons. Without this kind of information you cannot safely buy on eBay, or other auction sites.

Back issues of the NHS Journal
Originals... $7 in US and $9 Overseas, Copies... $5 in US and $7 Overseas, please contact us at the above addresses for current issue availability and copy prices overseas. Prices may be adjusted without notice on the web site, please contact for availability.

We look forward to hearing from you, and meeting at the next convention!