Classic NHS collectors forum, since 1995!
The classic NHS discussion forum, to post you should sign up for a free Tapatalk account.  This forum is maintained for long time members who are primarily Nikon collectors.

The NHS on, for Nikon RF users
Stephen Gandy, one of the founding members of the NHS, has provided us with a section of our own on the Rangefinder Forum, the premiere rangefinder discussion site on the web.   To post you should join the RFF, which is free. The RFF forum is for both collectors, and especially users. Joining the RFF will also give you access to a personal photo gallery, as well as discussions about other gear, and general photography.

Vintage DSLRs forum
Jarle Aasland's, forum on early Nikon and Kodak DSLR's, nothing else like this forum on the web!

The NHS on FaceBook
Our Facebook page is the place to meet other Nikon enthusiasts, and NHS members.