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"Faux no more. The iPhone SLR Mount gives you the real thing. It'll set your phone photos apart from everyone else's ... ! This case-adapter combo lets you mount your Nikon SLR lenses to your iPhone 4 giving your phone powerful depth of field and manual focus." 

Thanks to Andrio for the link!  I will let Journal readers find it for themselves on the web...

Nikkor 55mm F1.2 for Leica M-mount

Amedeo Muscelli, of micro 4/3s adapter fame, has built a rangefinder coupled lens with a Nikon 1.2 as its starting point.

"This fast Nikon 1:1.2 is a fantastic lens, originally used in Nikon F mount -- was totally modified for to mount on Leica M cameras, only the optic elements was kept intact, the auto-diaphragm mechanism was disabled and now can be used as it would usually work in rangefinder lenses. It is full rangefinder coupled at all distances, the rangefinder cam will move at a calculated different rate with respect to the focusing helical  to compensate the difference between 50mm and 55mm.

The new structure is CNC machined from solid brass and has a chrome finish. The front ring and the aperture ring are the original of the modified Nikon lens, this  keeps the original click step mechanism and you will feel it exactly as in the original Nikon lens."

Nikon Journal issue 112 - June 30, 2011

Created for the NHS  by Tony Hurst,
copyright, all rights reserved.
Almost exactly one year from now I will be putting the finishing touches on our Convention issue. I am writing this on June 12th, and by this date next year, NHS-Con l3 will be history. We all know how the years can fly by, so if you have any thoughts of joining us in Paris next June, now is the time for you to start making your plans. Please consider attending. Our Conventions are a good time for all and this one will be tied in with the largest camera fair in the world. See page 15 for all the latest information.

In this, our 112th issue, we have a lead off article by Chris Sap dealing with some of the detailed information he acquired during his visits with the late Tatsuhiko Arakawa concerning the sometimes tortuous route taken by the first Nikons. Dates and serial numbers and production quantities are discussed. Some interesting reading. This is followed by another article from Dr. Manabu Nakai also dealing with the first Nikons and some of the problems that had to be overcome to get it to market. Dr. Nakai has access to material not normally available to researchers here in the West, including detailed translations' of Arakawa's writings. He has some interesting thoughts about the early Nikons. See page 10.

On pages 16 & 17 you will see some of the results from the recent Westlicht Auction in Vienna. There were some really superb items in this sale and some surprising hammer prices, both high and low. It looks like there is still a tremendous interest and demand for our favorite marquee.
-- Robert Rotoloni

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