Nikon Convention 13 - Paris 2012

That's it ...
Approved by CON-13 committee so, we can put it online.
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This is exciting news, what better place could there be to hold the convention than Paris?
  • Tuesday May 28th - Meeting in the evening for first arrival members
  • Wednesday May 29th , and Thursday May 30th - Visit Paris' main attractions, certainly Versailles and Le Louvre (on individual or group basis, yet to be defined).
  • Friday June 1st - CONVENTION DAY - place to be determined,
    with convention diner on the Seine River (certainly on a Bateau Mouche)
  • Saturday June 2nd - Foire de Bievres (world famous Photo Fair) The train to Bievres is easy from Paris.

Rain Protector sold on ebay

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The case was first shown in the NHS Journal issue #30, December 1990.   Robert Rotoloni photographed the case with a Nikon leather case inside.   Clearly the case was designed not for use while photographing, since there would be a Nikon logo in front of the lens, but simply to protect a leather case. A truly "never ready" case. The one auctioned on ebay has a classic Nikon box, finally answering the question posed in 1990 about its origin.

page 15 NHS Journal #30