"Kodak Reaffirms Plan to Complete Transformation to Sustainable, Profitable Company Starting 2012

Revenue from Four Key Digital Growth Businesses Outpaces the Market and Approaches $2.0 Billion in 2013, with Positive Earnings Contribution; Consumer Inkjet to Achieve Profitability During 2011, Commercial Inkjet During 2012; Kodak Driving Improved Performance from Established Digital Cash Generators; Company Has Sufficient Resources and Financial Flexibility to Complete Transformation."

Read the complete article here: http://www.kodak.com/eknec/PageQuerier.jhtml?pq-path=2709&pq-locale=en_US&gpcid=0900688a80ea9257


  1. It's comforting that there is no specific reference to EK having less commitment towards analog products going forward. They seem to continue limited R&D for consumer photography emulsions and the article suggests that limited retooling will be necessary for them to continue to be profitable through certain various "analog avenues", despite the deluge of of digital.

  2. I posted the article in response to the "film is dead" threads appearing on photo forums, in particular rangefinderforum.com. It is difficult for me to imagine photography without Kodak, or film.