Sad news to report!

It has been reported today (Oct 19) that Peter Smith, the beloved Nikon repairman, from Del Ray Camera in Florida,  passed away a few days ago.

The first report was on and is now confirmed by a member who made a phone call to Del Ray Camera.

Just received from a friend of Pete's:
"Pete died 2 days ago. There has been no obituary in the local paper yet, but memorial plans are pending. I will be in contact with his family soon."

Previous post including a photo of Pete here:

OK then...

"Faux no more. The iPhone SLR Mount gives you the real thing. It'll set your phone photos apart from everyone else's ... ! This case-adapter combo lets you mount your Nikon SLR lenses to your iPhone 4 giving your phone powerful depth of field and manual focus." 

Thanks to Andrio for the link!  I will let Journal readers find it for themselves on the web...

Nikkor 55mm F1.2 for Leica M-mount

Amedeo Muscelli, of micro 4/3s adapter fame, has built a rangefinder coupled lens with a Nikon 1.2 as its starting point.

"This fast Nikon 1:1.2 is a fantastic lens, originally used in Nikon F mount -- was totally modified for to mount on Leica M cameras, only the optic elements was kept intact, the auto-diaphragm mechanism was disabled and now can be used as it would usually work in rangefinder lenses. It is full rangefinder coupled at all distances, the rangefinder cam will move at a calculated different rate with respect to the focusing helical  to compensate the difference between 50mm and 55mm.

The new structure is CNC machined from solid brass and has a chrome finish. The front ring and the aperture ring are the original of the modified Nikon lens, this  keeps the original click step mechanism and you will feel it exactly as in the original Nikon lens."

Nikon Journal issue 112 - June 30, 2011

Created for the NHS  by Tony Hurst,
copyright, all rights reserved.
Almost exactly one year from now I will be putting the finishing touches on our Convention issue. I am writing this on June 12th, and by this date next year, NHS-Con l3 will be history. We all know how the years can fly by, so if you have any thoughts of joining us in Paris next June, now is the time for you to start making your plans. Please consider attending. Our Conventions are a good time for all and this one will be tied in with the largest camera fair in the world. See page 15 for all the latest information.

In this, our 112th issue, we have a lead off article by Chris Sap dealing with some of the detailed information he acquired during his visits with the late Tatsuhiko Arakawa concerning the sometimes tortuous route taken by the first Nikons. Dates and serial numbers and production quantities are discussed. Some interesting reading. This is followed by another article from Dr. Manabu Nakai also dealing with the first Nikons and some of the problems that had to be overcome to get it to market. Dr. Nakai has access to material not normally available to researchers here in the West, including detailed translations' of Arakawa's writings. He has some interesting thoughts about the early Nikons. See page 10.

On pages 16 & 17 you will see some of the results from the recent Westlicht Auction in Vienna. There were some really superb items in this sale and some surprising hammer prices, both high and low. It looks like there is still a tremendous interest and demand for our favorite marquee.
-- Robert Rotoloni

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MS-MAG Nikon S2 RF adapter

Adapter to use MS-MAG x1.35, MS-MAG x1.15 or and other Leica viewfinder accessories including Leica Camera's diopter correction lenses and magnifiers on Nikon S2 RF cameras. Magnifier screws into the adapter which is attached to the Nikon S2 eyepiece ring by means of three locking screws.

Only 20 made!  (Tip on this adapter from Jon on the RFF)

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19th WestLicht Photographica Auction

The upcoming auction on May 28th, 2011 includes a Reflex-Nikkor 11/2000mm (1972) donated by Nikon Europe for the victims of the earthquake in Japan.

The very first 2000mm Reflex-Nikkor, the largest Nikon lens ever built for 35mm, AV-1 tripod mounting unit. (total weight 25kg)

Also Nikon I No. 60924 and Nikon Underwater Housing for RF (ca. 1958), both from the Tad Sato collection.

Nikon Convention 13 - Paris 2012

That's it ...
Approved by CON-13 committee so, we can put it online.
Best regards,

This is exciting news, what better place could there be to hold the convention than Paris?
  • Tuesday May 28th - Meeting in the evening for first arrival members
  • Wednesday May 29th , and Thursday May 30th - Visit Paris' main attractions, certainly Versailles and Le Louvre (on individual or group basis, yet to be defined).
  • Friday June 1st - CONVENTION DAY - place to be determined,
    with convention diner on the Seine River (certainly on a Bateau Mouche)
  • Saturday June 2nd - Foire de Bievres (world famous Photo Fair) The train to Bievres is easy from Paris.

Rain Protector sold on ebay

click to enlarge

The case was first shown in the NHS Journal issue #30, December 1990.   Robert Rotoloni photographed the case with a Nikon leather case inside.   Clearly the case was designed not for use while photographing, since there would be a Nikon logo in front of the lens, but simply to protect a leather case. A truly "never ready" case. The one auctioned on ebay has a classic Nikon box, finally answering the question posed in 1990 about its origin.

page 15 NHS Journal #30

Nikon Digital Rangefinder?

Until the Nikon digital RF rumors subside or come true, you can download templates (skins) to "change" your iPhone or iTouch into a Nikon RF here:

Nikon on Zeiss M-mount

A new thread on the by Jon Manjiro lists the Nikon S-mount lenses which cannot (and can) be used with the Amedeo type adapters on the ZI M-mount.

Specifically he finds:
  1. Nikkor-O 2.1cm f4 (NO - rear element too large, interferes with rangefinder mechanism)
  2. W-Nikkor 2.5cm f4 (NO - will mount but cannot be focused) 
  3. W-Nikkor 3.5cm f1.8 (vintage/reissue) (NO - rear element too large, interferes with rangefinder mechanism
  4. Nikkor-N 5cm f1.1 internal mount (NO - rear element too large, interferes with rangefinder mechanism)
  5. Nikkor-N 5cm f1.1 external mount (NO - rear element too large, interferes with rangefinder mechanism)
In addition:
  1. Voigtlander SC Skopar 21mm f4 (NO - rear element too large, interferes with rangefinder mechanism)
  2. Voigtlander SC Skopar 25mm f4 (NO - rear element too large, interferes with rangefinder mechanism)
  3. Voigtlander SC Skopar 28mm f3.5 (NO - rear element too large, interferes with rangefinder mechanism)
  4. Voigtlander SC Skopar 35mm f2.5 (NO - rear element too large, interferes with rangefinder mechanism)


"Kodak Reaffirms Plan to Complete Transformation to Sustainable, Profitable Company Starting 2012

Revenue from Four Key Digital Growth Businesses Outpaces the Market and Approaches $2.0 Billion in 2013, with Positive Earnings Contribution; Consumer Inkjet to Achieve Profitability During 2011, Commercial Inkjet During 2012; Kodak Driving Improved Performance from Established Digital Cash Generators; Company Has Sufficient Resources and Financial Flexibility to Complete Transformation."

Read the complete article here:

The early days of Nikon's European digital imaging division

From an interesting article from Jarle Aasland on, text by Alan Bartlett, who founded Nikon's European digital imaging division in 1988.

Link to the Nikonweb digital forum

"Nikon saw itself as a hardware supplier and did not see any reason to extend the Nikon brand into software or services. In 1988, at the MacWorld show, the Nikon team was approached by two brothers who offered them the rights to market an imaging software application. The brothers were Thomas and John Knoll. The application was called Photoshop.

Whilst there was a great deal of enthusiasm for the product from the Nikon European and US marketing teams to market the software under the Nikon brand, the Japanese HQ decided Nikon was not a software company and they could not see a market for it so turned down the opportunity. The rest as they say is history. (Just for the record, Kodak as well as several other photographic giants, turned Photoshop down too.)

[Adobe decided to purchase the license to distribute Photoshop in September 1988. Photoshop 1.0 for Macintosh was released in 1990.]"

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"The Early Nikons an 'Inside' Look" by Joseph Higham

Reprinted from Nikon Journal 15, March 31, 1987 (reprints here)

Nikon member Joe Higham produced an extraordinary series of drawings for the NHS which showed the Nikon M-S series in great detail.  The article was published in installments, the drawing and PDF (the complete article) are from part 3 in the series.

The series included more than just illustrations, but provided a manual on how to service these cameras, in detail that was never provided in any official manual.  The drawings are quite beautiful, reminiscent of classic product illustrators like Daniel Rebour.

Open the PDF folder on Google Docs.

Pete Smith

Pete has been a valuable resource for many Nikon collectors worldwide, making repairs on Nikon rangefinders and other classic Nikon film cameras.

Due to illness Pete was forced to close his business from 2009 to late in 2010, but he reports he is doing fine now, and back at a job at Delray Camera, working on repairs, and eBay at home.  Pete says "Life is good, I am busy again."

Photo by Akiva Shapero
Pete Smith c/o
Delray Camera Shop
186 N.E. 2nd Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33444
Phone is: 561-433-8434
Email is: